About Us



The Research Center, which has been operating since 2020 as an affiliate of ISAR within the Abdullah Tivnikli Foundation, aims to make relevant and high-level contributions to the academic and intellectual life in Turkey and worldwide. It does this by keeping pace with the changing and transforming knowledge production in recent years and by closely following current scholarly debates. Therefore, it is among the priorities of the Research Center to utilize ISAR’s more than ten years of education and research activities and the human resources it has so far trained.

The ISAR Research Center primarily relies on project-based activities. In this respect, adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, the center strives to open issues drawn from different fields of knowledge to stimulating discussions. It also positions itself as gathering expert teams around these projects and in so doing encourages the production of qualified knowledge. The center, which is open to qualified researchers from both Turkey and abroad as well as ISAR graduates and members, acts with the vision of contributing to existing debates in the scientific, academic, cultural and public spheres in Turkey and the world and posing new questions. The ISAR Research Center, which focuses on social sciences, humanities and classical Islamic sciences, aims to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary studies.

Working groups, workshops and reading groups are organized within the ISAR Research Center in order to create a suitable environment for project-oriented activities. In addition to these, national and international symposia, colloquiums, seminars and presentations are also among the activities organized within the center.